Why Wood Fencing Is The Best Choice For Your Home

by Connor Pena

Installing a fence around your property not only provides you with the benefit of added privacy – it also serves as a deterrent against intruders and a decorative addition to your landscaping. If you are looking for a new fence for your yard, wood is a versatile option. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing wood over metal or vinyl fence materials.

You Can Customize the Look

Metal and vinyl fences are limited in their appearance options, but wood is not. Whether you've been dreaming about a white picket fence or you like the older, weathered appearance of distressed wood, you have many options for wood fencing.

In addition to all of the choices of finishes, there are also many different types of wood to choose from. Each wood variety has its own unique characteristics; for example, the deep red of fresh cedar slowly fades to a silvery grey as the wood ages. Many hardwoods work well as fence material as well.

You're Choosing a Natural Material

If you want a natural material for your fence, you'll want to opt for something like wood. Metal, vinyl and similar manufactured materials require more supplies to produce and are not renewable materials. By choosing a wood fence, you can opt for a material that is easily renewable to help preserve the environment.

You're Making the Cost-Effective Choice

Wood fences are often the most affordable options for enclosing your yard. Since wood is easily accessible, popular in the marketplace and cost-effective to process, the initial investment is often less than what you'd spend for other fence types. And, since the material is so affordable, you'll also find that any replacements or repairs are also more reasonable.

You Can Install it Yourself

Wood fences are easy to install. If you're looking for a weekend project, you can put your fence up with a post hole digger, gravel and some concrete. Mark the path where you want the fence by placing small stakes in the ground. Then, tie string to the stakes to complete the path. If you don't have the equipment or the time, a fence installation contractor can help you to mark your property line and do the installation.

Whether you're looking to add some privacy to the property or you want something you can attach climbing vines to, wood fences may be the best choice. As you can see from the information here, they certainly have their advantages.