4 Reasons You Should Never Try To Replace Your Old Windows Yourself

by Connor Pena

Old windows can be very inefficient when it comes to energy and insulation; they are often drafty and let in cold air during wintertime and hot air during summer. They may also be difficult to open and close and may be downright ugly! Before you decide that you can replace your home's windows on your own, consider some reasons why it's best to leave this job to a qualified contractor.

1. Measuring is more involved than you may realize

When you measure for replacement windows, you don't simply measure the width and height of your frame. Typically a window frame of a home shifts and warps over time, so that several measurements need to be taken. A professional installer will know to use the narrowest one and then to carefully trim down the new windows to fit properly. Using just the width or height of a window frame can result in a window that fits poorly or that doesn't fit at all.

2. Removing the old windows improperly can damage the frame

Windows are not attached to the frame with simple screws. Usually construction adhesive is used to keep them in place, and weather-stripping materials may have also been added for increased protection against drafts. Trying to remove the windows from the frame without knowing how to scrape and remove these materials can cause the frame to become bent and out of shape, and you would be unable to use it.

3. Keeping the windows plumb is more difficult than homeowners realize

A new window needs to be plumb or exactly aligned with the frame of the window in order for it to open and close properly. This can be difficult to manage when you're not accustomed to sliding new windows into a frame. Caulk needs to be applied and this can cause the new window to slide around. A professional installer will know how often to check if the window is level and will ensure it's kept plumb to the frame at all times.

4. A professional installer will have insurance against damage done to your home

If you try to install your own windows and you drop one or cause damage to the frame or your home, you would probably be liable for the cost of that damage or the replacement window. However, not only will a professional be less likely to cause damage but he or she will have insurance for these scenarios. You can make a claim against their insurance and be reimbursed for any of those costs. Talk to a professional like Gallagher Bros Inc for more information.