5 Good Ways To Maintain A Roof

by Connor Pena

Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive home repairs you can have. If you make the effort to properly maintain your roof, you can avoid this costly home repair. A well-maintained roof can last you decades. Here are five good ways to maintain a roof.

Remove Snow from Your Roof

If too much snow accumulates on your roof, it can cause the roof to collapse. After a big snowstorm, do not forget to remove the snow with a snow rake. Removing snow from your roof may not be a fun job, but it can prevent a lot of damage.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your roof gutters may not be your favorite thing to do, but it can prevent roof leaks. When leaves and other debris clog up your gutters, water can flow into your house. If you clean out your gutters at least once a year, you should not experience any problems. Do not forget to clean your gutters after a big storm. Always wear gloves when you clean the roof gutters. If you do not want to clean the gutters yourself, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you.

Trim Tree Branches

Are there tree branches hanging over your roof? If the answer is yes, you should trim them as soon as possible. If these branches fall down on your roof after a big storm, they can do a lot of damage. If tree branches are too close to your roof, squirrels and other pests can get on your roof.

Get Rid of Moss

Moss can grow on a damp roof and cause it to deteriorate over time. If you notice moss on your roof, you should get rid of it right away with a pressure washer. You can prevent moss from returning by cutting overhanging tree branches.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Even if your roof is pretty new, you should have it inspected by a roofing contractor once a year. A roofing contractor will thoroughly examine your roof and look for signs of damage. If he finds damage on your roof, he can repair it before it turns into a bigger problem. 

Maintaining a roof will take some extra work, but it is definitely worth the effort. If you follow these helpful tips, you can prevent roof problems in the future. Your roof will look great and last you many more years.