Two Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Dig Out Under The Fence

by Connor Pena

A tall, strong fence should be able to keep your dog from jumping or breaking out of the yard, but there is one escape route that many fences don't prevent — under. If your dog is a digger, you know how quickly a small hole can grow into a dog-sized hole. Before you know it, your dog is in the neighbor's yard, terrorizing the neighborhood cats and getting belly rubs from kids.

There are two great ways to prevent your dog from being able to dig out. The first method is ideal for those who are having new fences installed, while the second method can be used with an existing fence.

Method #1: Extend the fence below the ground surface.

Many fences start just above the ground level. This certainly looks attractive, but it makes it way too easy for your dog to dig out. If you're having a new fence installed, ask if your fencing company can install a fence that extends 1–2 feet below the ground's surface. This design works well with cedar plank fences, since cedar is durable and won't succumb quickly to rot, even when completely buried. It also works with metal fences. Your fencing company should just be able to use a taller metal fence and bury part of it.

A determined dog may still be able to dig underneath a partially buried fence, but it will take a while longer, giving you a chance to fill in the hole before an escape happens. Many dogs will quit digging once they have dug down a foot or so and found that the fence is still blocking them.

Method #2: Have concrete poured beneath the fence.

If you already have a fence in place, you can use this method to prevent digging. It also works if you don't like the look of a buried fence. Have a long strip of concrete poured just inside the fence line. It does not need to be more than a couple of inches thick. You can bury it with dirt and plant grass over it so no one ever sees it. When your dog starts digging near the fence, he or she will hit the concrete and not be able to go any further.

Fences are meant to keep dogs in, but dogs are often a lot smarter than their owners assume. Putting the time and effort in now will save you a lot of headaches and keep your pet safe and sound. Talk to a company like Buyrningwood Farm Inc for assistance.