3 Tips To Save The Large Trees In Your Yard

by Connor Pena

The large trees in your yard clean carbon dioxide from the air, provides you and your family with shade, and can increase the property value of your home. Below are three things you can do to ensure your trees stay healthy, so they will continue growing for years to come.

Hire a Tree Service Contractor

Hire a tree service contractor to inspect your large trees on a regular basis, such as once per year. He or she can examine the trees to look for any signs of problems. The contractor will look at the appearance and size of leaves, branch growth, and if the trees are producing new buds.

Trees can be affected by disease, infested with harmful insects, or have fungus growing on them. The tree service can catch these problems early, to keep your trees healthy. Some common tree diseases include:

  • Canker tree disease: If your trees have this disease, you will likely see blisters on the bark or branches.
  • Heart rot tree disease:  This disease affects a variety of trees, such as maple, dogwood, cedar, and breech. It is most common with trees that have broken branches, or have been damaged by animals or insects. You may see mushrooms growing on the trees.
  • Powdery mildew disease: If your trees have this disease, you will see a gray or white powder growing on the bark and leaves.
  • Sooty mold disease:  This disease leaves a black coating on the soil surrounding the tree, and well as on the leaves.
  • Root rot disease: This disease affects mostly hardwood trees at the roots. If your trees have root rot disease, you will notice a black fungus growing at the base of the tree at ground level, and spreading up the trunk.

The tree service contractor can identify the problems, and take steps to save your trees. He or she may use chemicals, inject the tree with medicine, and more.

Fertilizing Trees

Just like grass, flowers, and vegetables, trees benefit from a fertilizer. It can help increase the growth rate, reduce susceptibility to pests and disease, and can even help a tree that already has problems come back to health again.

Visit a garden center and purchase fertilizer for the type of trees you have. Follow the directions on the packaging on how to use it. In most cases, you will sprinkle the fertilizer a few inches away from the tree, as it should not touch the base. When it rains, the fertilizer will work itself into the ground and down to the roots. You can also talk with a tree service company about how to fertilizer your trees.


No matter the age of your large trees, they can benefit from a yearly pruning. This is best left to a professional, so hire a tree trimming service to do this for you. During the pruning, the service will remove any dead or damaged branches, and keep branches from obstructing something, such as power lines.

If they remove diseased branches, you need to be careful in how you dispose of them, as they could possibly infect other vegetation and trees in the area. The tree service company may grind them up, or burn them for you.

If you go through long periods of drought, you should also give your trees some water to get them through. Ask your tree service company about tree injections to see if that's an option.