3 Ways To Emphasize Employee Safety With Equipment Rentals

by Connor Pena

Renting equipment is the best way to get the best possible equipment at the lowest possible prices—but you also want to make sure that your employees treat the equipment with the care and caution that they should. Employee safety should always be a paramount concern when dealing with equipment that is new to your employees or that they do not deal with often. You can follow these easy tips to make sure that your employees remain safe. 

1. Always Run an Orientation With New Equipment

It can be tempting to skip a training or orientation if you're using a new model of an old tool; after all, if your employees have seen one scissor lift, they've seen them all, right? Unfortunately that's not necessarily true. Many new products have additional safety features or may have certain small quirks your employees aren't aware of. If they feel too comfortable around a machine that they don't really know, it could be dangerous! 

2. Send Your Employees to Continued Education on a Regular Basis

Seminars and workshops are the best way to expose your employees to a larger inventory of equipment. If your company will be taking out equipment rentals often, it's best that all your employees be aware of the different equipment and machines they will be using. Keeping your employees current on recent techniques is also a great selling point to your clients. Your employees may even learn about new tools you can rent that will increase your productivity!

3. Keep Strict Policies Regarding Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

As you undoubtedly know, poorly maintained equipment is the most dangerous equipment. With rentals, it can be tempting to your employees to skip standard maintenance procedures—but that's never a good idea. Make sure that you have a maintenance and cleaning checklist and that the machines are properly dealt with between shifts and after the day is through. Most heavy equipment will be rented for some time—often for the duration of a project—and poor maintenance can quickly cause unanticipated issues. 

Renting equipment can be safer than owning your equipment, as you know without a doubt that the equipment has been well-maintained. Still, a lack of employee training could cause safety hazards if not addressed in the above ways. An equipment rental company like Thompson's Grand Rental Station Inc can give you additional safety tips regarding your new equipment rentals—and they may even be able to offer some training for some of their more unique items. As long as your employees always ask first and exercise extra caution when using equipment that they are unfamiliar with, everything should be fine!