Answering A Few Of The Most Common Questions Concerning Green Commercial Roofing

by Connor Pena

Green roofing has been a popular staple in densely populated cities for many years, thanks to the many environmental benefits they provide. From helping to reduce solar radiation in the atmosphere to water absorption, there is no question that green roofing is an innovative idea. Even though this modern roofing technique is innovative, not all business owners jump at the chance to have their own roof transitioned to a green roof with vegetation.

If you are like a lot of business owners, you are curious, but not sure if this is a good choice for your building. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning green vegetative roofing.

Wouldn't a vegetative roof be difficult to maintain?

It is a common misconception that a green roof will require constant time and attention to be functional. While this is an easy assumption with a landscape growing overhead, it is far from the truth. The green roof will be planted with greenery and plants that are low-maintenance, easy to grow, and most importantly, easy to maintain. Of course, the level of difficulty in maintaining a green roof will heavily depend on the complexity of it. For example, some large businesses have a commercial roof that could actually double as a flower garden or park, but most business owners take a more simple approach.

Will your building be able to support the additional weight of a green roof?

One of the biggest concerns with a green roof is the additional weight that can be placed on the roof of a building. Yet, when you take into consideration just how heavy even traditional roofing materials can be, you will see that there is really nothing to be concerned about. Furthermore, when professionally installed, any weak areas of the roof will be addressed. What you will have on your roof is a waterproof barrier, a layer of soil and growth material, and plants.

What are some of the benefits of a green roof for the business itself and not the environment?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a green roof is the longevity that it can provide. According to the U.S. General Services Administration, a green roof can last as much as twice as long as other materials. Green roofs can also reduce energy loss in the building because the material overhead works to shield sunlight and keep the building cooler.

When it comes down to the facts, a green roof has a lot to offer any commercial business. If you think a green roof would be the right choice for you when it comes to commercial roofing, talk to a roofing contractor about any further questions that you have.