Two Surprising Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

by Connor Pena

Many consumers know that spray foam insulation helps lower your heating and cooling expenses, reduces the humidity in your household, thus retarding mold growth and that it can be a tax savings. However, many people do not know that it helps repel pests and can be a barrier against outdoor noises.

Helpful in Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Pests typically enter homes during the winter when temperatures are frigid. They enter through tiny cracks around your foundation and in the wood around windows and doors. Once they are indoors, they lay eggs and the population increases. Insects carry diseases, create filth and many people are sensitive to the bites or excrement. The spray comes out of the cylinder in a liquid form. When it dries, it seals the open area tightly. The dry foam is very dense, thus it creating an impenetrable seal that prevents mice and insects from entering your home.  

Acts as a Sound Barrier for Noise

The plethora of cells in the spray foam absorb sounds, thus creating an effective barrier against loud automobiles, low-flying planes and other annoying outdoor sounds. When the spray foam insulation is used to insulate your walls and ceilings, it effectively seals tiny holes and cracks that allow sound into your home, thus creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

Using the Spray Foam Insulation

Many homeowners hire a professional to apply the spray foam insulation, but you can do it yourself if you carefully follow the directions on the cylinder. Wear protective eyewear and clothing. Respiration gear is also necessary. Clean the area to be sprayed so it is free of debris, dust and dirt. This helps provides a tighter seal. Many foams work best on hot days. Always protect electrical boxes and connections by covering them with plastic and tape before you begin spraying. Keep the room well ventilated. Apply the foam in a precise manner. This prevents you from having to scrape away cured foam after it expands and dries. Less scraping means you won't compromise the seal. Be sure to store any unused foam in the manner described on the container. Check the label to see how long the foam will be effective after the first spray and finish using it within that time span. Dispose of the cylinders as dictated by the regulations in your city.

Once your home is properly insulated, you will notice fewer pest invasions and enjoy a more restful home due to the noise reduction. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Energy Home Insulation Inc.