A Builder's Guide To Passing Codes

by Connor Pena

If you are in the construction business, handling any sort of new construction, remodeling or renovation, you'll need to come to grips with the fact that there are numerous inspections to be passed. These inspections are handled by building code professionals who will look into a number of safety and health issues, including framing, fire hazards and varying municipal codes. To pass these inspections with flying colors and keep your projects up to code, read on and follow these tips. 

​Be Thorough With Framing Codes

When looking to pass framing inspections, there are a number of obligations that you will need to fulfill. For example, something as small as the patterns of nails can cause you to fail an inspection. Provide a thorough inventory of these patterns, in addition to a meticulous examination at the angle of your top plates, the viability of your trusses, measurements on the rise in one of your staircases and a close look at plumbing and electrical infrastructure. By taking an all-encompassing look at such issues before you turn it over to an inspection, you will be well prepared for your framing inspection.

Prepare Your Building For Fire Standards

Staying up to fire code is something you will have to contend with through the construction process and on an annual basis once your building is open to the public. Installing a thorough fire alarm system and keeping it up to par through thorough maintenance will allow you to circumvent a lot of the potential fire hazards that you would deal with throughout your building. Heed your municipal code to always have the proper amount of fire extinguishers. Inspect these extinguishers regularly, so they are always ready to be employed. Keep your insurance policy valid, so you are ready to respond to any fires from a logistical standpoint as well.

Learn The Building Code Inspection Processes

The best way to pass inspections is to know the process by which they will be levied. When a code inspector gives you an inspection, you will be given an itemized list of those components that passed or failed, with a specific timetable by which you are able to fix those codes. You can curtail a lot of these issues with your building in the construction process, by building to the code, rather than fixing issues once you are ready to open your building to inspection. This will help you avoid fines and penalties and will streamline the process.

Hire A Third Party Building Code Consultant

Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself with a new construction or remodeling project is to bring in an independent building code consultant for hire. These professionals have access to the same experience and tools that official inspectors employed, so you will be ahead of the game in this regard. They will give you thorough consultations to help you fix any issues before you can be penalized for them.

Follow these steps accordingly and you should have no problem with code violations throughout the building.