Impact Doors And Windows FAQ

by Connor Pena

If you live on the coast and regularly experience strong winds or, more importantly, hurricanes, you may have heard about impact doors and windows. Impact doors and windows are highly resilient alternatives to regular doors and windows that cannot withstand the blunt trauma that high winds and hurricanes can deliver. Undoubtedly, you have a few questions about impact doors and windows, especially if you have heard little about them in the past. This brief guide will serve to answer a few commonly asked questions about impact doors and windows.

What Sort Of Styles Do Impact Doors And Windows Come In?

Most impact windows come in styles that roughly correspond to popular styles you would see in most normal windows. For example, sliding and tilt-in sliding windows, double hung windows, casement and awning windows, garden windows, and bay and bow windows are all available. Doors come in a wide range of styles as well. Most impact doors are specifically made for patios, however, so most that are available are sliding patio doors.

Should You Use Impact Doors and Windows?

If you are at risk of experiencing a hurricane, or if you live in an area that is prone to very strong, high speed winds, then you should consider installing impact doors and windows in your home. This is especially the case for those who live along the Gulf Coast. Many new homes that are built in this area require new constructions to meet very stringent guidelines about how they can be protected from hurricanes. Impact doors and windows generally meet the requirements demanded of these building codes.

Do Impact Doors and Windows Offer UV Protection?

This usually depends on the brand of impact door or window that you are purchasing, but a large amount of them do offer UV protection. In fact, many impact doors and windows offer very strong UV protection. A UV blocking laminate can serve to protect furniture, hardwood flooring, and family photographs that are present in your home. Many areas that are hurricane prone are also subject to intense sunlight, so UV protection is quite important when it comes to choosing the right impact doors and windows.

Impact doors and windows can make your home a significantly safer place to live. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how impact doors and windows can make your home all the more resilient to powerful winds.