Helpful Ways To Maintain Your Quartz Countertops

by Connor Pena

Quartz countertops can add a high-level of both style and sophistication to your kitchen. However, these results are only maintained if you are taking proper care of your countertops. Here are just a few care tips you want to keep in mind to keep your countertops looking great and get the longest use out of them.

Ensure Good Ventilation

Proper ventilation isn't generally something you think about when it comes to maintaining quartz countertops, but it can make caring for and cleaning your countertops easier. Good ventilation minimizes the level of smoke that gets dispersed around a kitchen. Whether you're sautéing chicken or scrambling an egg with butter, any time you are cooking with a fat or oil, some level of smoke can be produced.

When you don't have good ventilation, this smoke ends up settling on the surfaces within your kitchen, including your countertops. While this might not cause permanent damage, it will leave a film over the countertops that may alter their appearance and require more frequent cleaning.

Avoid Prolonged Heat Exposure

Quartz is a natural stone that does have some heat-resistant qualities. However, this does not mean it's invincible. If you place a hot pan down for a split-second to adjust your grip, you should be okay. However, when you leave a hot object on the surface for a long period, you increase the risk of damage.

This statement isn't just restricted to pots and pans, but heat generating appliances, such as crock pots, as well. The intense heat from a crock pot can radiate towards the counter surface and cause a quick temperature change that can cause cracking. It's best to use a trivet or hot pad whenever you need to place a heat emitting object on the counter.  

Don't Use Harsh Cleaning Agents

Save your harsh chemical cleaners for other surfaces in your home. Keep them away from your quartz countertops. Quartz is a highly durable material, but the ingredients in many household cleaners can cause damage.

The reason for this is that most cleaners generally have a pH level on one extreme end of the spectrum, either high or low. A product with a pH level on either end can cause an erosive or corrosive process to occur, causing extensive damage. Make certain you use an approved chemical or natural based cleaner for the best results.

The more effort you put towards maintaining your quartz countertops, the more you will enjoy them. An installation expert can provide you with even more tips to help maintain your countertops.