Don't Blend In: Using Color In Your Company Sign

by Connor Pena

If your business is failing to attract customers, the problem might be the sign that you are using to try to attract them. Businesses have to compete with many other businesses to attract attention. One of the most important components that can increase your business sales and the amount of attention you attract is the color of your business sign.

Standing Out

To grab someone's attention, the sign needs to stand out. Signs that are predictable, well-proportioned, and understated will not be noticed. The sign should always be the most interesting part of the scenery or no one will notice it. The sign does not need to fit the surroundings and should especially not blend in. Using your company colors will ensure that your sign doesn't simply blend into the background.

Using Your Company Colors

Colors that are associated with your business should also be used with you sign. Doing so will make your business appear more consistent and will also help reinforce brand recognition.

Creating A Contrast Between Background And Foreground Elements

One of the most important parts of creating a sign that stands out is to create contrast between the foreground and background elements. For example, if you use colored text on a bright background, the contrast will not be very strong and your text will not stand out.

Creating Contrast Between Colors On The Sign

A white background makes a sign look flat. Darker contrasting colors, on the other hand can give a sign more depth. To determine which colors to pair, look for a color wheel. These are useful tools that will allow you to determine which colors to pair together. Colors that are on opposite sides of the wheel have high contrast, which makes them difficult to read because they cancel each other out.

Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are also a bad choice. The similarity in hue and value will make the text difficult to see. The best color combinations are those that are not opposite of or adjacent to each other on the color wheel. For instance, yellow and black are a good contrast.

Being Different

Achieving perfection with your colors is not always a goal you should remain committed to. Sometimes, if there are imperfections in the coloring of the sign, this will create the impression that there is something wrong with it and will also increase the odds that others will notice it.

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