3 Ways To Protect Your New Garden With The Ideal Fencing

by Connor Pena

Whether you're growing flowers in a garden you've recently put in for aesthetic reasons or you're working on growing veggies and herbs, you need to pay attention to how you can prevent wildlife from getting in. Animals ranging from rabbits to deer can view your garden as a great spot to stop and eat at, making it important to look into what kinds of preventive measures can be taken. If you've decided on getting fencing installed around your garden, consider some of the following tips so that it is as effective as possible at keeping out wildlife.

Solid Fencing Can Prevent Animals from Seeing Your Garden

One of the reasons it can be difficult to keep wildlife out of your garden is due to hungry animals seeing inside and being drawn in by the vegetables and other plants you're growing. An easy way to fix this problem is by simply getting fencing that won't be able to be seen through. Solid fencing can come in a variety of styles, from a solid wood fence to chain-link fencing with panel inserts put in.

By getting fencing that will block out views into your garden, you can make a big difference in how many animals are drawn in by views alone.

Selecting the Right Fence for the Wildlife You're Keeping Out

Along with making sure that the fencing is solid so that wildlife cannot see inside the garden, it's important that the fencing makes sense for the kind of animals you're keeping out. Something to consider is the height of the fencing and the kinds of wildlife that live in your area. Since deer can jump over shorter fencing with ease, you'll need to make adjustments based on what kinds of animals you expect to get near your garden.

Planting the Right Herbs and Veggies Along the Fence Border

After getting fencing put in, you can go the extra length of choosing the right plants for your yard. There are a variety of herbs that can deter wildlife, as well as insects, when planted along the fence border. Some good examples include garlic bulbs, catnip, lavender, and rosemary. With these herbs and veggies grown along the border to your fence or garden, many types of animals will be quickly turned away.

If you're intrigued by getting fencing installed to protect your garden, you need to consider what qualities are the most important for this goal. By knowing what to expect with your garden and how to keep pests out, you can make sure that your garden will grow beautifully without any intrusion. Contact a company like All Counties Fence and Supply for more information.