Dealing With Damaged Windows After A Storm: What You Need To Do

by Connor Pena

It's hard to predict the outcome of Mother Nature's wrath and when a huge storm hits your home, you can see the devastation on your fragile windows and screens. Once the storm has passed and you have assessed the damage to your windows, you need to take action to keep moisture, wind, debris, and insects from getting into your home until expert help arrives. Here are things you can do to deal with destroyed windows after a storm.

Contact a mobile screen repair technician

You will want to have your window screens repaired or replaced as soon as possible, and contacting a mobile screen repair technician is one way to get tears and holes fixed right away. A mobile technician carries all their repair and replacement supplies in their work vehicle, allowing them to reverse window damage on site at your convenience. Count the number of windows that have damaged screens so you can let your technician know just how large of a project they have to work with.

Remove all broken glass

You may find broken window glass on the outside and inside of your home that needs to be removed as soon as you can safely do so. This makes everyone in your home safer as well as gives your screen repair technician a cleaner work space. Put on a pair of leather gloves and close-toed shoes and gather a broom and dustpan to sweep up the majority of sharp shards of glass. You can use a shop vacuum or older vacuum hose to suck up the smaller debris. Follow this cleanup with a wet rag (still wearing gloves) to pick up the tiniest glass shards that are difficult to see.

Remove furniture and debris

Since your windows are going to need repair or replacement, you want to make sure you have a clear work area for your technician to do their job. This means moving furniture inside your home and all outside equipment or blown-in debris so your mobile screen repair technician can get to work right away. If you have vehicles or items in your driveway, you will want to clear a path there as well so your technician has a safe and convenient location to park.

With professional care, you can have your window screens replaced or repaired quickly after a storm. Do your part to keep the work area clean and clear so your technician can get to work right away to make your home safe again.