Tips For Caring For Your Draperies

by Connor Pena

The curtains and drapes that help you to control the amount of sunlight making it into your home are important for determining the comfort of your house. However, you may not be very sure of the steps that you should be taking to care for these items. To help you minimize some of the more common sources of wear and tear, you will need to utilize the following tips.

Check The Washing Instructions For The Draperies

Over time, your draperies are likely to become dirty and discolored. Some individuals will simply assume that they can put these items in the washing machine to clean them. However, this is not always the case, and making this mistake may actually destroy your drapes. To help ensure that you do not accidentally damage your drapes, you should carefully review the care instructions tag on the drapes.

Use A Vacuum To Remove Dust And Dirt

In between deep cleanings of your drapes, you will want to regularly vacuum them to remove dust and dirt. Not only will this step help to keep the colors of your drapes vibrant, but it will also help to prevent foul odors from developing. When you vacuum your drapes, you should always use an attachment that has bristles on it. These bristles will help to loosen dirt and dust that has become trapped in the fibers of the drapes. For the best results, you should perform this type of maintenance on your drapes at least once every few weeks.

Treat The Draperies For Insects

Insects can be another major source of damage to drapes. It can be common for these pests to get between the various folds of the curtains. These pests can create sanitary problems for the home while also eating small holes in the drapes. In addition to being eyesores, these holes will also allow sunlight into the room when the drapes are closed. To help prevent this problem from arising, you should treat the drapes each month with a fabric-safe pesticide. Monthly treatments are necessary because the intense light and heat from the sun will degrade the performance of these pesticides.

Caring for your home's drapes can be an easy to overlook aspects of home maintenance. By appreciating the need to check the care instructions prior to washing the drapes, vacuuming the drapes to remove dust and dirt as well as the need to treat the drapes with pesticides, you will find yourself in a better position to ensure your home's drapes last for as long as possible. For assistance, talk to a professional like Park City Blind & Design.