Dealing With Rips, Tears And Small Leaks On An Asphalt Shingle Roof

by Connor Pena

Replacing an entire roof due to a small leak or tear is not economical, which is why asphalt shingles are often repaired with an asphalt cement. Depending on the type of damage to your shingles, there may be different methods of patching the roof and applying roofing tar. Here is how to deal with the common damage that is found on asphalt roofs with asphalt cement:

1. Using A Tube of Roofing Cement to Seal Small Punctures in Shingles

Roofing cement is available in buckets or in squeeze and caulking-gun tubes. Some of the leaks on your roof may be due to something like a small puncture from a nail or debris falling on the roof. Use a tube of roofing cement to repair these small leaks when they appear. Store the tube in a garage or tool shed, so you will have it for the next roof repair that needs to be done.

2. Using Roofing Cement to Repair a Small Tear in a Single Shingle

The leaks on your roof are sometimes going to be bigger than a small puncture. The shingles are easily torn in high winds and storms. When you have a larger tear, you will want to use a bucket of roofing cement to apply the sealant evenly and cover the torn area. Use a flat putty-knife or piece of wood to evenly apply a coat of the roofing cement to the underside of the shingle, as well as on top of the shingle.

3. Adding Asphalt Felt Paper to Larger Repairs for Lasting Fixes to Leaks

Tears on shingles are sometimes more severe, and the damage may cover a larger portion of your roof. Instead of just using the roofing cement alone, also use a piece of asphalt felt paper. This will help make the patch on your roof more durable and last longer. Cut the strip of felt paper wide enough to just cover all the torn areas. If the tears in shingles are not straight, use more than one piece of felt paper. Before you put the asphalt cement on the roof, apply a thin coat to both sides of the felt paper. Apply the roofing cement to cover past the felt paper.

Damage from wind, storms, and common wear causes some of these minor leaks; nails and decking are another culprit for small roof leaks. Use the methods above to patch holes and ensure your roof lasts much longer. You should contact a roof repair contractor at a company like A & A Roofing Company Inc to get help with larger repairs and replacing sections of your roof.