Four Ways To Make Your Paid Parking Lot More Attractive

by Connor Pena

If you have a parking lot that is in a commercial area, you may wish to turn it into a paid parking lot. If you want customers to pay for your parking lot, you should build up the parking lot to make it more attractive. In order to get customers to pay for parking in your lot and trust that their vehicle will be safe, you should make certain improvements. Her are four improvements to make to attract money and customers to your parking lot. 

Repaint the parking lot lines

One of the things that everyone wants inside of a parking lot is clear signage and space. Repaint the lines on the parking lot spaces to make them wide enough for trucks and SUVs. Every customer should be able to get out of their spot with ease, and no one should have trouble slipping into a parking spot. Larger parking spaces with clearly defined lines make for easier and quicker parking. 

Seal coat the parking lot

Seal coating the parking lot will be important. This will make the parking lot more attractive, plus smooth out the parking lot cement. The seal coating will make the parking lot pavement darker, which will make the lines stand out. For those who are just learning how to drive and for those who may have issues with being colorblind, the dark seal coating versus the bright lines can make parking safer. For more information on seal coating, contact a company like R Williams Paving LLC.

Make the parking covered

Even in your average, stand-alone parking lot, you can put up covered parking. No matter the environment, covered parking is a great way to protect a vehicle. The car can be protected from rain, sleet, snow, and heat. Be sure that the coverings that you place over the parking spots are high enough for vans and large trucks to fit in. This will allow you to attract a larger consumer base. 

Gate the parking lot with bars

A gated parking lot goes a long way in ensuring that customers feel safe. Everyone wants to know that the parking structure that they paid for will be safe for them and their vehicle. Erect a gate that has slim bars that are close together. This will ensure that the gate is very difficult to climb or break into. The front of the gate should have lifting bars that allow authorized customers in and out. Whether the lift is run by a machine or run by a person, this will make sure that only those who have a ticket or entry key will be allowed to take a vehicle out of the lot.