Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Turf

by Connor Pena

Replacing all or part of your lawn with artificial turf provides you with a year-round lush lawn without the work of real grass. Although artificial turf doesn't require mowing, watering, or fertilizing, it isn't completely maintenance-free. Make sure that you know the following mistakes so you can avoid them and keep your turf looking good.

#1: Choosing the wrong type of turf

There is more than one type of artificial turf. Some varieties are more durable, featuring thicker and lusher grass blades so it can stand up to heavy use. These are good options for those with families that spend a lot of time playing in the yard. Others are equipped with odor-resistant materials and an extensive drainage system underneath so that you don't have to worry about cleanup or odors if you are a dog owner. Make sure you consider all the uses you plan for your yard and then choose the right type of turf, or you may end up having issues down the road.

#2: Leaving debris on the turf

Artificial turf can get damaged and matted over time. This is most likely to occur if you leave piles of fallen leaves or other debris on top of the artificial turf. Mildew and mold may grow because of the moisture trapped within the pile, and the turf blades may become permanently bent and matted. Use a rake or leaf blower to remove any debris as soon as it begins to accumulate, then rinse the turf with a garden hose to remove any lingering debris. If the turf is beginning to mat, use an artificial turf rake to help fluff it up again.

#3: Ignoring minor issues

Over time your turf may develop some minor issues, such as poor drainage, bumpy surface, or loose edges and joints. Not attending to these quickly, though, can result in the need for premature replacement. Drainage issues often occur when debris gets into the drainage area and blocks it. Have the drainage pipes flushed out can solve the problem before the turf becomes damaged. A bumpy surface generally occurs because the ground has settled or weeds have penetrated the membrane. A turf company can replace the membrane or re-level the surface. Loose edges can happen for a variety of reasons, but they are one of the quickest fixed since they just need to be re-secured.

For more help, contact an artificial turf service in your area. Companies like Bourget Bros. Building Materials can help.