Smelly, Soggy Problems: 3 Bathroom Plumbing Problems That Cause Costly Damage To Your Home

by Connor Pena

The bathroom is one of the places where you expect to find smelly, unpleasant messes. If you think the problem may be limited to calling a plumber for repairs, then you will want to take another look at the damage that the water and leaks have caused. The problem may even have gone unnoticed and caused severe water damage and mold problems that need to be addressed. Here are some of the smelly, soggy bathroom problems that can lead to serious damage to your home:

1. Leaking Seals Around Toilets That Cause Smelly Wood Rot Problems

The seals around toilets are sealed to prevent the waste from coming out of the toilet when it is flushed. When the toilet is fastened to a wood floor system, the bolts that fasten the toilet down to the floor can come loose. When the bolts become loose, the seal will eventually fail and begin to leak. The leak around the toilet will cause water and raw sewage to leak into the floor system. The leak not only causes problems with water damage and rot, but it is also a health hazard that needs to be addressed because this is raw, untreated sewage that is leaking into your home.

2. Lack of Backflow Prevention and Sewer Backup Causing Smelly Flooding

Backflow prevention devices are used in plumbing to prevent the fluids in pipes from flowing in the wrong direction. When sewer lines flow in the wrong direction, this means that it comes back up through the unprotected plumbing installations in your home. The sewage backup flooding your home is a health hazard, that will require professional help with the repairs and clean up. If you have any carpet that has been affected by the sewage backflow, it will need to be removed and replaced, as well as any other absorbent materials that came in contact with the sewage. To prevent these problems, have a plumbing service inspect your home and install backflow prevention devices where they are needed.

3. Leaks Around Bathroom Plumbing That Cause Smelly Rot, Mildew, and Mold Problems

The bathroom plumbing in your home can also leak in places where the problems go unnoticed until there is a big problem.  You want to check for signs of moisture in places like water lines to toilets and sinks that need to be repaired. In addition, occasionally check drain traps for leaks that need to be addressed. Putting a rubber mat beneath sinks will help to prevent leaks from causing water damage to cabinets made from wood materials. In addition, add access panels to plumbing that often needs repairs, such as drain for tubs and showers. You can also have a plumber add shut-off valves to plumbing installations in bathrooms to be able to easily turn the water off when there is a problem.

These are some of the smelly, soggy bathroom plumbing problems that cause serious damage to homes. If you have one of these problems with a bathroom in your home, contact a sewer relining service to help with the installation of liners in old sewer lines and the installation of backflow prevention devices to prevent serious sewage problems in your home. 

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