3 Must-Haves To Consider When Designing Your New Sunroom

by Connor Pena

Outdoor living adds enormous appeal and value to your home, but you may prefer to enjoy nature in a way that protects you from bugs and the various weather elements. Fortunately, the addition of a sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors without actually going outdoors. Not only will it be an enjoyable space, but a sunroom can also be a worthwhile investment. On average, you can expect a return on your investment of 47 percent. Before construction begins, here are a few must-haves to consider adding to your new sunroom.

Unique Ceiling

You will most likely focus on the basics when it comes to investing in your sunroom. However, incorporating unique elements into this space will increase its appeal and value.

Instead of a basic ceiling that is flat and ordinary, consider a cathedral ceiling for this indoor/outdoor space.

The higher ceiling will add height and dimension to your space, making even the smallest sunroom seem larger.

For even more appeal, add faux beams to the vaulted ceiling to draw attention to the height and creative design of your space.

Seasonal Flooring

Indoor/outdoor carpet and tile are the most common types of flooring used in sunrooms because they are both affordable and versatile. Unfortunately, carpet and ordinary tile can be a bit boring in a space that you hope to use for relaxing and entertaining purposes.

Today, more and more people are choosing to install faux wood tile in their sunrooms. This style is durable and resistant to different temperatures and humidity levels. For a sunroom, this is important since the room is used throughout the various seasons.

Faux wood tile offers the look of wood, without the worry of warping and buckling, which can occur if traditional wood becomes damp due to the temperature fluctuations and weather elements.

If you are worried about the tile being too cold and hard, arrange an area rug around your furniture to make the space more comfortable.

Electrical Hookups

Without different electrical connections, your sunroom will most likely feel like a box with windows. During the construction process, make sure electricians include connections and outlets for lighting, fans, televisions, sound systems, and even gas log fireplaces.

Mount a flat-screen television over your gas log electric fireplace so you can use the sunroom as a main living space throughout the entire year.

Electricians should also install ceiling fans and recessed lighting throughout the ceiling so you can enjoy the space in the evening and at night.

Have a sound system with speakers wired in your sunroom, as well. Stream movies through the surround sound system or enjoy playing music while relaxing or entertaining guests.

A sunroom is a great investment for your home and family. This guide will help you remember a few must-haves to include in the construction of this new indoor/outdoor space. For more ideas, contact a local company like Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms Ltd.