Working With A Landscape Designer To Create A New Look For Your Property

by Connor Pena

As time goes on, you may look around your property and think it is time to update, but not know where to start. Whether residential or commercial, the fresh perspective you are looking for may come from another set of eyes looking at the situation. Maybe what you need is a professional landscape designer to help you.

What is a Landscape Designer?

Landscape designers specialize in designing and planning the outside areas of your home or commercial property. They will draw a plan for your landscaper to follow and can work directly with the landscaper to ensure that the plans are clear. If the landscaper is not sure about something, they can go back to the designer to get clarification rather than starting something then having to redo it because there was something done wrong. 

Working With the Designer

The property owner can request specific items in the design and in most cases, the designer will work closely with the property owner to try and envision what they want so it can be incorporated into the plan. Water features, hardscapes, and the type of plants, bushes or trees you want are all things you can talk to your landscape designer about. If they are working for you, you need to have some input to the design. 

Building the Landscape

Once the design is complete, the designer will give the contractor doing the work a set of drawing or blueprints that will show all the details of the landscape. A good designer will also lay out plumbing and wiring in the design so that it can be run safely and efficiently throughout the landscape. Some plantings may not be precisely detailed because the designer wanted to leave some flexibility for placement of the plants. It is not uncommon for plants to not be uniform in size or not fit just the way they do on paper, but the landscaper will get it as close as possible in these situations.

Approval of the Design

You have the right to approve or deny any part of the design if you are not happy with it. Take the time to look over the plans and discuss the design with the designer before the work begins. If you need to change something, it is better to do it before the work starts, so it does not delay the project. Once you have approved it, the design will go to the landscape contractor so they can get your new landscape built for you to enjoy.