Asphalt for Your Business Parking Lot

by Connor Pena

If your business currently has a dirt parking lot, then you may be noticing how it is affecting your relationship with your customers. The chances are good that not a lot of your customers are going to appreciate pulling out of your parking lot with their cars dusty, or even muddy during rainy weather. If you are looking for the right material to have your parking lot done in, you may be caught between concrete and asphalt. This article is going to focus on the features of asphalt parking lots, so you can come to a better-educated decision on whether this is the parking lot material that you should choose to go with.

Asphalt looks good

One of the important things to consider is that asphalt that is maintained will look good. It will have a shiny, clean, soft sheen to it that can add to your business's storefront. Keeping the asphalt looking great won't take much work, but you will need to be sure you act on time with regards to the little bit of maintenance you do need to give it. You are going to want to power wash the parking lot after storms or any other times when you see that it is looking dirty.

If you don't clean it periodically, then you are going to find that it won't come as clean when you do end up giving it a power wash. You also want to have it sealed according to the recommendation of the company that laid the asphalt for you. Some things that will be taken into account with regards to how long you can go before sealings include things like extreme heat conditions, extreme cold conditions, and other considerations for the region that can affect the well-being of your asphalt.

Asphalt is safe

When you choose concrete, it will be harder for drivers to see the lines painted on the concrete parking lot, especially since the paint chosen for parking lots is generally white or yellow. Concrete also gets stained and dirtied up quickly, especially in a parking lot where cars with leaks can be parking on it daily. However, when you have an asphalt parking lot, then the paint is so much easier to see since white or yellow will jump right out from the black coloring of the asphalt.

Easy-to-see lines on your parking lot mean a lower risk of accidents happening in your parking lot. This material also offers a smooth surface for cars to drive on, and if it needs repairing, then the repairs can be done quickly and efficiently. 

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