Siding Styles That Will Improve The Look Of A Mobile Home

by Connor Pena

If you own a mobile home, it's probable that you've done a lot of upgrades to the interior of the dwelling to make it look and feel more like a traditional single-family home. You may want to take a similar approach to the exterior of the mobile home as a way of improving how it looks to people when they visit you or simply pass by. Upgrading the siding is a good way to alter the look of your residence, especially if the mobile home is currently clad in vinyl siding that lacks a little visual appeal. Speak to a siding contractor about refinishing your home with one of these sorts of siding.


Stucco is a siding option that can completely transform the outer appearance of any dwelling, including that of a mobile home. Stucco is available in a wide range of colors, so you can find a shade that you like and that matches well with the color of your roof and the trim around your windows. Many homeowners use stucco that is gray, tan, or another semi-muted shade, and you'll often find stucco on high-end homes. This can help to give your mobile home more of a high-end look, which can be ideal if you're planning to sell it in the near future.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar siding shingles can give any sort of residence a quaint and cozy appearance, which can make it a good option for many people who live in mobile homes. This can be especially true if your home is located in a mobile home park in a rural area, where cedar trees might be commonplace. The rustic quality of cedar siding shingles can give your mobile home the appearance of a small cabin, which may be a look that appeals to you. This type of siding is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to choose a look that you like.

Stone Veneer

You may also want to speak to your siding contractor about using stone veneer as a siding choice for your mobile home. Like stucco, this is a siding material that is frequently common on upscale homes, which means that it can dramatically transform the exterior of your mobile home in a positive way. Stone veneer siding comes in many styles, including different shapes and colors. For example, in some designs the stones have sharp, refined corners; in others, the stones are more smooth and rustic in appearance.

For more information, contact a siding installation contractor in your area.