Protect Yoru Roof From Tree Branches

by Connor Pena

Do you have branches in your yard growing too low and blocking walkways, branches that don't look good, branches that impede upon the neighbor's yard or even the power lines? These are just a few more obvious reasons why you might want to consider hiring a tree cutting service. However, another very important reason for cutting branches is to protect your roof from different types of damage, some of which you will be able to learn about by continuing to read the information right here.

Prevent Scratches, Tearing, and Curling

Branches that grow right above your roof can end up growing at an angle that causes them to sway back and forth which can scratch the roof. This near-constant scratching will lead to damages to your tiles or shingles. The damage can include broken tiles, torn shingles, lifted shingles, curling shingles, and more. When these damages occur, they will cause your roof to look worn in the affected areas. Plus, that scratching can lead to further damage that can cause leaks and even rotting. Cutting back the threatening branches is much easier than dealing with the fallout that your roof experiences.

Prevent Eave Damages

The eaves are the areas of your roof that extend over the exterior walls of the house. They are designed with two main portions and these are the fascia and the soffit. The location of the eaves leaves them very susceptible to tree damage when large branches are too close and rub on the eaves. The eaves can end up getting chewed up which will leave the raw wood exposed in a way that can lead to rot. The damage the eaves take on can also easily include damage that includes the outer edges of your roof. Cutting back the branches that are within reach of the eaves is important when it comes to protecting them.

Prevent Damage to the Gutters

The gutters are located just past the edges of the roof, as their sole purpose is to catch the rainwater that flows from the roof and carry the water to the downspout where it drains away from the home. Branches that come into contact with the gutters can rip them from the home, causing damage. They can also be dented, and the different sections can become unattached to one another. This is problematic because not only will it take away from the look of the home, it will prevent water from draining properly, and it can damage the home due to the force of the branches. Cutting the branches away will keep these things from happening.