5 Reasons Window Design Is Important For Your Custom Home

by Connor Pena

Many homeowners recognize windows are an important aspect of their home's style. However, they might not be able to place why they're so important. When you buy a pre-built home, knowing the importance of windows might not be a big factor. However, if you're building a custom house or having one remodeled, you'll want to keep in mind how windows influence your home.

Below are some key ways that window design is important for your customized house.

1. Windows Let in Natural Light

Windows provide an obvious function — they let in the natural light from the sun. People generally prize natural light because it provides a lot of advantages. For one, sunlight can help regulate your circadian rhythm so you get more restful sleep. Natural light also puts your home and furnishings in their best view. Sunlight can also help you complete daily tasks without having to flip a light switch.

2. Window Can Frame Exterior Views

Windows don't just allow sunlight in. They allow your gaze to move outward. As experts point out, a well-placed window will frame the view outside your house. When you're building or customizing a home, you should pay attention to the vista outside your walls. Look for areas of beauty that you want to view from the inside. That area is a good place for a picture or otherwise large window.

3. Window Placement Influences Outdoor Interaction

Similarly, window placement can also influence how you interact with your outdoors. Different window styles dictate how much ventilation you can access. For instance, casement windows open the widest, so you get the most ventilation. Clerestory windows offer views of the sky. Likewise, you might want to replace a large window with a sliding glass door to give you access to your yard.

4. Window Style Promotes the Overall Home Style

The style of your windows can also impact the style of your home. For instance, ornate windows and unusual shapes are ideal if you're customizing a Victorian home. If you're having a modern home built, look for windows with clean lines. The placement of the windows will determine how you can decorate inside your rooms, too.

5. Windows Can Promote Energy Efficiency

Window design and placement can also have an effect on more practical matters, specifically your utility bills. If you need heating, certain window placement can encourage the sun to warm up your rooms. Conversely, window placement and style can keep infrared energy out. Additionally, you can choose from different energy-efficient models to further promote that green endeavor.

Talk to a custom residential design company about window styles for your house.