• Living On A Hill? Why You Need A Retaining Wall

    Living on a hill or bluff can give you a beautiful view of the surrounding area. While this location may be one of the more coveted home sites, it also comes with some difficulties. For instance, you can wake up one morning and find part of your front yard lies at the bottom of the hill. Before that happens, you should invest in a retaining wall.  Uses In addition to preventing soil from sliding out of your yard into the ground or river below, retaining walls have other beneficial purposes.

  • 3 Inexpensive Ways To Become More Energy Efficient

    Making a home more energy efficient is a great way to save money on power bills and to become more environmentally friendly. The problem is that making a home more energy efficient can actually be very costly. New roofing, energy efficient windows, and solar power can cost thousands of dollars. These upgrades are nice, but they are not necessary in order to make a home more energy efficient. Here are 3 less expensive ways to increase the energy efficiency of a home.

  • Impact Doors And Windows FAQ

    If you live on the coast and regularly experience strong winds or, more importantly, hurricanes, you may have heard about impact doors and windows. Impact doors and windows are highly resilient alternatives to regular doors and windows that cannot withstand the blunt trauma that high winds and hurricanes can deliver. Undoubtedly, you have a few questions about impact doors and windows, especially if you have heard little about them in the past.

  • Stuck With A Small Backyard? 3 Ways To Include A Swimming Pool

    Getting a swimming pool installed in your backyard can be a fantastic way to unwind for hours at a time, but it can seem like an unreachable dream if your backyard is limited in size. While you may never get a large Olympic size swimming pool if you choose to stay in the same home, there are a number of ways that you could get a swimming pool put in that will provide the purpose you need—whether it is for exercising or for taking a quick dip when it gets hot.

  • How Do You Know When It's Time To Replace Your Wooden Windows?

    Wooden windows have a way of getting replaced over time, but that's not always the best choice. Many wooden windows have historic value as well as aesthetic beauty. Knowing when it's time to repair your windows and when it's time to replace them can help you improve the value of your home. How do you know when it's time to replace your wooden windows? Wooden windows are built to last for many years, but they do require regular maintenance like the occasional fresh coat of paint.