• DIY Your Log Home Restoration: Three Repairs You Can Do Yourself Easily

    Log homes, while beautiful and charming, often require quite a bit of upkeep. If you recently purchased a log home but knew that it was a bit of a "fixer upper" you are in for a log home restoration treat. Here are three repairs you can do yourself on your log home to restore it to its near-original glory. Waterproofing the Logs Your "new" home is wrapped in dozens of old, harvested tree trunks.

  • Five Reasons For Using Rotary Screw Air Compressors for Commercial Projects

    When you are considering different kinds of air compressors to use on your projects, there are a lot to choose from. You might not immediately think of using a rotary screw air compressor because of its larger size, but here are some reasons why this kind of compressor might work well for you. Fluid-Cooling Rotary screw air compressors are typically fluid-cooled. Not only does fluid keep components lubricated so that friction and overheating doesn't cause premature wear and tear, it also removes debris and contaminants.

  • What Happens When I Hit The Brakes?

    Before you can get your hydraulic cylinder repaired, it might be good to understand how a hydraulic system works. In the simple terms, a hydraulic system applies tremendous amounts of pressure on a type of fluid (usually oil) that cannot be compressed. The fluid is held inside two or more hydraulic cylinders. Pressure put on each cylinder varies depending on what the operator is doing. Hydraulic systems are commonly found in machinery used for heavy lifting.

  • The Consequences Of Not Cleaning Your Roof This Fall

    Before fall wraps up, you need to get up on your roof and clean it up. Failing to clean your roof, or failure to hire someone to clean your roof, can result in long-term damage. Here are some of the consequences of not properly cleaning and taking care of your roof this fall. Damaged Gutters One of the most frequent consequences of not cleaning your roof is damaged gutters. Over the course of the fall, all the leaves around your house and in your neighborhood will be shedding their leaves.

  • What Kind of Countertops Are Rightfor Your Kitchen Remodel?

    You have many important and exciting decisions to make during your kitchen remodeling project. Chief among these decisions is which type of countertop is right for you. Countertops come in a variety of materials. Knowing more about each countertop type can help you pick the right material for you. Laminate At prices averaging between $7 and $30 per square foot, laminate countertops are often the most affordable option. Laminate is made from laminated paper with a plastic coating on top, which means laminate can be made to look like nearly anything.